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Tribute To The Malian Woman By its Contribution to Fish Production in Mali.

Aquaculture plays a key role in food security in developed and developing countries. Also, the development of aquaculture promotes the availability of fish for the population. Aquaculture helps create jobs, reduce poverty and promote food security.

In fact, women in Mali have increased personal agricultural activities to fill the family’s food deficit. There is a transformation of women’s work, resulting in an increase in the presence of women in food production and the strengthening of their role as providers of the family, since the Malian woman integrates the fish farming sector through the A multifunctional training center for sustainable development, “Rural Women”, this center has set itself the essential objective of actively participating in the social and economic development of rural Malian women.

The center intervenes in the fields of agriculture and mainly fish farming. The Multifunctional Training Center for Sustainable Development “The Rural Woman” is a company created in September 2010 in Kalaban Coro Plateau. Mali. The General Director, promoter of the center Mrs. Sirebara Fatoumata Diallo is one of the main trainers of the center. So a great tribute to Mrs. Fatoumatou Diallo, and to all Malian women practicing in the field of fish farming.

The promotion of fish farming among women, the definition and implementation of support measures would help to raise their interest and create a sustainable production environment for farmed fish in Mali.

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